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Treating your pet with traditional and holistic methods.

At Center for Animal Health, we are proud to offer individualized, homeopathic treatment for your companions. During your pet's first homeopathic "intake appointment," Dr. Karen Visser will provide at least an hour-long consultation to uncover your pet's unique health challenges which guide her to their treatment plan. The goal of homeopathic care is to achieve optimal health and a sense of well-being gently and rapidly. We are committed to working closely with you to achieve that goal.

In addition to the highest quality traditional medicine, Center for Animal Health offers the following additional, natural veterinary services:

Nutritional Care:
Nutritional support includes home-cooking consultation, vitamin and mineral levels testing, food sensitivity testing, and overall dietary planning.

Call us at (269) 663-3235 to learn more about homeopathic pet care.

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